Kristina Grish
the joy of text

The Joy of Text

Mating, Dating, and Techo-Relating (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2006)

Dating has never been easy, but in the age of text messages, SMS, emails, and evolving smart phone technology, it can be an absolute minefield. Good thing The Joy of Text establishes hard and fast rules to help women navigate romance that goes bleep in the night. The book also offers tips on analyzing the text, timing, and tone of various tech mediums. Etiquette advice, in a world where the handwritten thank-you note is all but obsolete, is detailed here too. Isn't it time to draw the line between sexy and psycho?

“Kristina Grish shows that the great leap forward in communication has dragged along with it a blight of text-driven power games and misunderstandings. Shrewdly and wittily, she points the way on alphanumeric dating.”
–New York Times

“This smart little book decodes emails, Blackberry messages, and IMs to determine what those geeks and RckstrLovas are really saying. Brace yourself!”

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