Kristina Grish
oh my dog

Oh My Dog

How to Choose, Train, Groom, Nurture, Feed, and Care for Your New Best Friend
Beth Ostrosky Stern with Kristina Grish (Gallery Books, 2010)

Owning a dog is one of life's great joys, but the challenges it brings can make even the most devoted dog lovers panic, throw up their hands, or feel completely overwhelmed. Before you reach the end of your leash, turn to this friendly and relatable reference that's a lot like to talking to a dog-owning friend who's seen and done it all. New York Times best seller Oh My Dog compiles tips and invaluable advice from respected experts, and Beth Ostrosky Stern's experience as a dog parent and advocate, to soothe concerns, answer questions, and help you and your dog get the most from your relationship. Chock full of informative sidebars, questionnaires, and to-do lists, this is the user-friendly guide for anyone who owns a dog or is considering getting one.

“A comprehensive guide to dog ownership...Stern's chatty tone and language can be easily understood by inexperienced owners. An excellent resource.”
–Library Journal

“A compendium of excellent advice for those new to the art of dog ownership...While the book is written in an easygoing, conversational way, even longtime dog owners will find helpful information here....A great resource for potential and current dog owners, this provides calm, rational, and in some cases, step-by-step tips for navigating the world of dog ownership.”

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