Kristina Grish
Believe, Ask, Act

Believe, Ask, Act

Divine Steps to Raise Your Intuition, Create Change, and Discover Happiness
MaryAnn DiMarco with Kristina Grish (Rodale, 2016)

Psychic medium MaryAnn DiMarco has communicated with the Other Side since she was 5 years old. Through her experience, she found that everyone has a team of divine advisers, such as guides, angels, ancestors, and other spiritual beings, that prompt your gut instincts. As an in-demand spiritual teacher, MaryAnn offers her clients a roadmap for developing intuition on their own and helps them break free from their own spiritual, emotional, and real-world obstacles.

Believe, Ask, Act shares this process for the first time using a 3-step method. The book is a guide to trusting your intuition and plugging into the universe's wisdom. Through stories and channeled advice, DiMarco shows you how to clearly receive and execute guidance with an open mind and courageous heart.

“MaryAnn DiMarco, through her book Believe, Ask, Act, will show you how to open to your own spiritual abilities. She is a force of light in the world who can help teach you how to embrace and harness your own light! A wonderful read for anyone on a spiritual journey.”
–Laura Lynne Jackson, bestselling author of The Light Between Us

“MaryAnn DiMarco teaches you how to connect to your celestial team and get their guidanceŅI love it! This book explains how the universe operates and shows us how to use its support in the most efficient and simple means possible. And you can apply it to any area of your lifeŅhealth, love, work...! It's the best of all worlds.”
–Dr. Jill Blakeway DAOM, bestselling coauthor of Making Babies and author of Sex Again

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