Boy Vey!

The Shiksa’s Guide to Dating Jewish Men

Boy Vey! celebrates the terrific intricacies of interfaith relationships in this girl-meets-boy dating guide. So why choose The Chosen Ones? For starters, Jewish men are great boyfriend material: they’re often smart, generous, doting, and funny. They love to eat, and they’ll devour you in bed… With this amusing and open-minded primer, a beautiful Shiksa can learn all about the first schtup, talking Yiddish, summer camp, the Jewish mom, and major holidays—all so that she can better meet, date, and fall in love with a nice Jewish boy of her very own. 


“Finally, a self-help book that won’t make you cringe with irritation! Boy Vey! is a funny, audacious guide for non-Jews looking to hook-up with our Hebrew brethren.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Boy Vey! throws Shiksa love—in which Jewish men have historically chased after WASP blondes—in reverse. Jewish men are hailing Grish’s new book as a work of genius.”

New York Post

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