Kristina Grish


12 Steps to Kicking Your Bad Boy Habit (Polka Dot Press, 2006)

Millions of smart, savvy, and perfectly sane women lust after Bad Boys. Irresistible rogues can drive a girl wild, yet wicked smiles and fleeting attention are rarely the stuff of solid relationships. So how can you stop pouncing naughty, and start playing nice? Addickted offers a fun, prescriptive, 12-step recovery plan to help women kick their toxic dating habits, once and for all. It includes the author's own success story, former addickt testimonials, and advice from bad boys and nice guys alike. Forget your doubts and stereotypes! Here's how to fall for “one of the good ones.”

“Addickted to bad boys? Kristina Grish is running the rehab. Her 12-step program isn't easy–you'll have to stop hiding his t-shirts to wear when you're alone. But don't worry, your sponsor (a friend with no man parts), will be there to help.”
–Marie Claire

“We're addicted to Addickted! Kristina's 12-step recovery program is not only sheer genius, but a must have for all you bad boy know who you are.”
–Taylor Streckler, Cosmo Radio host on Sirius XM

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